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Summer ‘16 Release in Chatter and Files in Community Templates

By: Venkata

In Summer ’16, Salesforce released many new interesting features for Chatter and Files in Community templates. This article takes a tour on the new release features of Chatter and Files in community templates.

  1. Insert Inline Images in the Publisher

We can add images in rich text editor, when asking questions in Community.

To try this, please follow the below steps,

i) Click [Ask A Question] button in Community

salesforce community templates

ii) Once you clicked the ASK A QUESTION button, a box for Question and Details will be shown. You can upload/choose the image by clicking the [image] in the rich text editor.

salesforce community templates

  1. Page BreakAttach More Files to Your Posts

Up to 10 attachments can be added to post. When we click that little paperclip to add files to your post, we have options to upload files or select from Community. Salesforce will show how may files have been selected so far.

salesforce community templates

  1. Set Profile Visibility in Communities

Users can edit the profile page as they can in Salesforce Classic. No longer users need to go to Salesforce Classic to update their name, title, photo, address.

salesforce community templates

  1. Add and Remove Files When Editing Posts

We can add/remove the attachments when editing posts. This feature helps us to remove the file accidentally attached, add some more and fix the typos.

salesforce community templates

  1. Improved Look and Feel for Compact Feed

In community builder, the Show Views option in the Feed Compact property editor lets us show or hide view counts for questions are posted.

salesforce community templates

  1. Share, Revise, and Publish Formatted Code Snippets

In community, now there is a way to share and talk about code in community feed. Code snippet lets developers add code samples with Syntax highlighting in the publisher’s rich text editor. Code snippets are available in communities based on Napili template.

To enable this feature, there are two ways.

  1. Profiles – In General user Permissions section, ‘Enable Allow Inclusion of Code Snippets from UI’.
  1. Permission sets– create permission set and in General user Permissions section, ‘enable Allow Inclusion of Code Snippets from UI’. Add this permission set to the user.

salesforce community templates

This article describes the Summer ’16 release features in Chatter and Files in community templates.

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