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Test Complete is one of the automated testing platforms and it is developed by Smart Bear Software. Test Complete mainly focuses on functional testing. By using this Test Complete, we can test applications of three major types: Desktop, Web and Mobile (Android or iOS).


Test Complete is one of the automated testing platforms and it is developed by Smart Bear Software. Test Complete mainly focuses on functional testing. 

By using this Test Complete, we can test applications of three major types: Desktop, Web and Mobile (Android or iOS). 


 For downloading the Test Complete free trial: 



  • Smart Automated Test Recording and Playback 
  • Automated Testing Checkpoints 
  • Automatically capture images?during test run 
  • Test Report 

Smart Automated Test Recording and Playback: 

  • The automated test recording engine supports powerful records object-based operations. It does not fail even the application UI changes. 
  • Recorded automated tests can always be played back with little or no modifications. 

Automated Testing Checkpoints: 

  • Test Complete Platform has a variety of built-in checkpoints. Application objects and object properties, files and images, web pages, data in tabular controls and database and other data can be easily validated by comparing the actual and expected values during testing.  
  • During recording, checkpoints should be inserted into your scripts or keyword tests, just by a simple drag and drop. 
  • It allows you to create even custom checkpoints to perform verifications which are not available in standard Test Complete Platform.

Automatically Capture Images?During Test Run: 

  • Test Complete Platform has built-in Automated Test Visualizer. It is used to capture and display the screenshots of each operation performed on the tested application; hence it provides a visual overview of the entire test flow. 
  • The currently tested object is highlighted on each screen; so that it is easy to understand the current automated testing context.  
  • If a test fails, these screenshots reduce the debugging time spent by developers.

 Test Report: 

  • During automated testing, Test Complete Platform automatically creates the detailed logs of all actions performed. This is very helpful for testers who perform deep analysis of automated test resultsandhelps to quickly locate and fix errors. 
  • Thus,created report can be exported to HTML, XML or MHT format

Supported Scripting Languages: 

  • VBScript, Jscript, C# Script, Delphi Script, C++ Script 

How it works: 

  • If we start recording, it will record all the test which we need to execute. We can use checkpoint for verification purpose during recording. Once it gets complete, Test Complete will open the recorded keyword/script. Images will be displayed in the visualizer panel which was captured during test recording.  
  • By simply clicking the Run Test, we can playback our recorded test. At the time of test execution, Test Complete displays an indicator at the top right corner of the screen. Once the test executed successfully, then it shows the complete log of all operations performed during testing. The screenshot is also captured when an error occurs. 


Testing Web Applications: 

A valid user must log into Salesforce website and create a lead in a single browser and multiple browsers.  

 Creating a Test Project: 

File ->New -> New Project -> Enter the project Name->Click Next-> Choose Functional testing of web pages -> add the tested application to your test project (if required) ->choose the scripting language to be used in your project 

Test Complete Projects and Project Items: 

Test Complete is operating through test projects and project suites. Project creation is the starting point for creating a test. Related projects can be combined into a project suite which contains one or more projects. Test Complete will automatically create a project suite when you create a new project.

Start Recording: 

Test Complete automatically generates an empty keyword test in this project, if we create a new project. Let us record test commands in this test. 

Before starting to perform any operation via web page, it is mandatory to enable the Test Complete manage extension on that page. 

  • Select Checkpoint Wizard from the checkpoint drop-down list of the Recording toolbar. 
  • Select the verification action and then click next 

  • Clicking the target glyph by using the left mouse button and keep that button pressed. 
  • Release the mouse button when the target glyph is over the position and it is highlightedinthe red frame. 
  • Once released the mouse button, TestComplete will automatically restore the wizard. Inthe object box, it will display the name of the selected object as below, 

Analyzing the Recorded Test: 

  • After finishing the recording, Test Complete opens the recorded keywords. 
  • Test Visualizer panel will display images captured by the Test Complete for operations during test recording. 

Running the Recorded Test: 

  • Run Browser is the first operation in the test. It launches the specified browser and navigates the specified page from a keyword test. 

  • The second operation is used for loading the entire web page 
  • The highlighted operations are waiting for the login page (Web Order Application). The rest of the operations will execute based on the order of the operations.

  • Now, we are running a simple test to see how Test Complete simulates user actions 
  • During the test execution, don’t move the mouse or press any keys. Otherwise, the test execution may go wrong due to your actions. 

  • Test Complete displays an indicator at the top right corner of the screen during the test execution. 

Analyzing Test Results: 

  • Test Complete will keep the complete log of all operations executed during testing.  
  • We can have only one log node in the project explorer since we run only one test. The contents of this node will automatically open in the workspace.  
  • In the TIME column, you can see the time duration for each message.  
  • Along with message, test complete posts additional text and images. 
  • The picture panel displays the images that expected an actual application state before executing the selected test command. During the test recording, “Expected Image” was captured. During the test execution the “Actual Image” was captured. 

  • The Screenshot should be made available on the case automatically when an error occurred. 

Running the Test in Multiple Browsers: 

  • During the test, it runs in different browsers because it can be easily modified. 
  • First, we need to open the test from the Keyword Test editor. After that, right click the “Run Browser” Operation. Now, select the “Make Browser Loop” in the context menu. 
  • In the operation parameters dialogue, select Iterate Through Specific Browsers and click the Finish button 

  • Now, the operations will be executed on each loop iteration 
  • The test operations are repeated several times and the test actions are performed in different browser each time. 
  • The logs of the test contain necessary information about the browser was used and the results of the test operations performed in each browser. 


  • After recording, we can edit the scripts. 
  • Supports many languages 
  • Detailed logs with images to visualize test steps 
  • Fast test execution  


  • Relatively expensive. 
  • Idoes not have regular expressions. 
  • It doesn’t allow descriptive Programming. 
  • Dynamic URL and picklist are not properly handled 
  • Object Repository concept in Test Complete is not there. Instead, it supports something called Name Mapping which is a bit disorganized. 

Blockers in Test Complete: 

  • Dynamic URL 
  • Variation in Window Size 
  • Select Drop-down 
  • Window Handler 
  • Frame Handler 
  • Dynamic Web Tables 

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