TEST LODGE – Online Test Case Management Tool

Test Lodge is an online Test Management Tool mainly used to document the Test Cases along with the Test Report (with pictorial representation).

Test Lodge is an online Test Management Tool mainly used to document the Test Cases along with the Test Report (with pictorial representation). It is a web-based cloud tool; so, any one can access it from anywhere. It is a very clean , simple, and user friendly tool.

Test Lodge General Features: 

Requirement  :     A collection of user input

Test plan        :     A documentation of objectives and process

Test suite       :      A collection of test cases

Test Run        :      A collection of test cases to be executed. The result from the executed test run can be documented as a report (test report)

Customizable Feature: 

  • Test Lodge is a flexible test management tool, since it can be used with both traditional Project Management Tools as well as with the Agile Project Management Tools”
  • We can prioritize, and categorize test cases, depending upon needs and also we can make updates at any time and track the changes based on their version history

You can Create a Test Lodge account by following the steps in the link http://www.guru99.com/testlodge-tutorial-for-beginners.html

Tracker Integration: 

Test Lodge can be integrated with other issue tracking tools which allow tickets and bug reports to be created automatically.

Some Issue Tracker Tools: 

– Assembla

– Basecamp

– Bugzila

– Countersoft

– Done Done

– Jira

– Git Hub

– Mantis

– Trello

– You Track

– Team Foundation Server

– Counter Soft

– Active collab

– Pivotal Tracker

Steps To Integrate the Test Lodge Tool with Jira : 

Step 1: Login to Test Lodge account

ImageStep 2: Click the Setup tab present at right corner

ImageStep 3: Click the Issue Tracker Integration button

ImageStep 4: From the “Select Your Issue Tracker “section select the tool to be associated with the Test Lodge from the drop down menu

ImageStep 5: Enter the Jira account URL, Username , and Password, and click the Save button

ImageStep 6: Click the corresponding project that has been associated with the Jira and click on the  “Run Test Cases”

ImageStep 7: Select the Test Cases to run and click  the “Create Test Run” button

ImageStep 8: Click on the “Run Test” button

ImageStep 9: Enter the comments in the “Actual Result Field” and click on the “Pass/Fail” button at the bottom of the page

How does the integration Work?

If any of the Test Case fails during the Test Run,  a ticket is automatically generated in the Jira with the description of the issue, steps to reproduce, and additional information fromthe Test Lodge

Step 10: When a Test Case fails and gets updated in the Test Lodge tool as FAIL,  a tickect is automatically created in Jira

ImageStep 11: The Detail Page of the issue that was created automatically as the Test Case fails


  1. Highly efficient and collaborative tool for testers
  2. User friendly tool where the changes can be tracked easily
  3. Can be integrated easily with bug tracking tool and the bugs can be created automatically


  1. Bug number cannot be linked with the Test Case
  2. It is an expensive tool
  3. No interface to track the progress of testing


Test Lodge is a perfect tool for improving and organizing the testing efforts in an efficient way.

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