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TestFlo – Jira Test Management tool

Jira is a project management and bug tracking tool. In this article, we can see how to use Jira as a test management tool.

TestFlo is a paid add-on which can be used in Jira. We can install the TestFlo add-on in Jira to write test cases. By installing this add-on, we can manage the test cases in Jira. In this article, we will explore the following topics in detail.

  1. TestFlo with Jira
  1. Steps Repository and Test Design
  1. Steps Execution
  1. Defects
  1. Reports

1.TestFlo with Jira 

1.1. Installing TestFlo in Jira 

Click on Settings  and install ‘TestFlo – Jira Test Management tool’ from ‘Add-ons’.

jira test management tools

Following page with the ‘TestFlo’ will be displayed after installation.

jira test management tools

1.2. Configurations of TestFlo 

There are two types configuration such as Global configuration and Project configuration in TestFlo. The project will be accessible only after the global and project configuration is done.

1.2.1. Global Configuration: 

In Global configuration, we can select type of issues such as bugs, epic, task, story for which steps panel will be available.

We can set the Global Configuration by navigating into JIRA Administration -> Add-ons -> TESTFLO -> Configuration.

jira test management tools

Issue types: 

We can specify the issue types for creating steps or enabling the steps panel for those to every project by selecting that in ‘Steps available for’ field.

jira test management tools


Under the issues types, we can find information about every project such as,

  • TestFLO activation (On/Off)
  • Roles allowed to create and edit steps (Role)
  • Number of issues with steps created in steps panel (Issue count)
  • Number of step sets in Test Steps Repository (Sets count)
  • Project configuration page for the corresponding project will be displayed after clicking the ‘Configuration’ links (Action)

jira test management tools

1.2.2. Project Configuration 

We must activate the ‘TestFLO availability’ slider if we want to add TestFLO in the selected project. So that, TestFLO will be added to the corresponding project.

We can use repository of steps from another project by selecting the corresponding project.

We can make change in issues types which was selected in Global configuration by using ‘Change in Global Configuration’ Link.

Permission settings:

We can restrict the test step creation and edit permission by assigning roles to the corresponding project in ‘Permission settings’.

Step View: 

We can provide the custom names for each field present in the ‘Step View’ section. Fields with   no values will not be displayed on the steps.

 button is used to go back to the default configuration values.

jira test management tools

2.Steps Repository and Test Design  

2.1. Steps Repository

In Test step repository, we can define the common test steps such as Login details, which we frequently use while we are writing the test cases.

2.1.1. Manual Creation of Steps Repository 

Select the project and choose Add-ons -> Test Steps Repository.

jira test management tools

Click the ‘Create’ button to add new set of steps to the repository

Fill the set name and create the template with description

We can also edit the set name and description by clicking next to the name of Set Steps or delete the whole set using button.

We can add the steps with Action, Input, Expected Result.

  • For deleting the step, we can use delete icon as  
  • For copy pasting the step, we can use the icon as  
  •  icon is used to move to a next step from the current step
  •  icon is used to move to a first step

jira test management tools

If we have a bigger repository, it may get difficult to find the right template. So, we can use the search box to get the right set of steps.

jira test management tools

2.1.2. Importing Steps repository 

We can import the set of steps directly by clicking the ‘Import’ button and the imported steps will be displayed on ‘Set of Steps’.

jira test management tools

Click ‘Browse’ button and choose the xls/xlsx file that contains the Steps to be imported.

Some column header should be added mandatory to import the file. They are as follows,

  • SetName – Step name
  • SetDescription – Step description
  • StepId – ordinal number of Step row
  • Input
  • Expected result

2.2. Test Designs

Test designs can be done under an issue(story) in Jira. Before creating the test designs, issue should be created. We can also include the Set of Steps created on the ‘Steps Repository’.

Click on ‘Enter Edit mode’ button present under the Steps