Testing Importance in CPQ

CPQ stands for Configure Price and Quote. Salesforce CPQ plays a vital role in driving a business solution efficiently by attracting the customers through configuring the products with a clear pricing and quoting methods. It makes the process much easier in producing a quality Quote with accurate pricing details. Applications like Apttus, Steelbrick, CallidusCloud should be purchased and configured with Salesforce for the sales team to sell their products in a smarter way.

What does CPQ do?

Configure – what they desire to buy can be easily done through product configuration

Price – Sum all the desired products that the customer wants to buy

Quote – Provide a complete detail of the products and their prices in a PDF format

Key Terms / Features used in CPQ

  • Product Structure
  • Price Book Rules and Entries
  • Discount Approval and Order Management
  • Renewal and Amendment process

CPQ Testing in Salesforce

General areas of importance in testing

  • With all the user-friendly features in CPQ that complements to the Sales process makes the functional testers work harder to verify the business flow and functionalities  
  • The important part that a QA should be concentrating, and verifying is the Configured product structure and their pricing with respect to the business locality. The configuration may involve single products/ interlinked products as well as bundle  
  • The second part is the Opportunity creation with the products that have been quoted along with the sub product and pricing reflection which may also involve the discount approval and renewal process.
  • Next validation is the custom calculations implemented based on the CPQ feature calculation in the system
  • E-Sign (CPQ DocuSign) validation and verification of the PDF document generated and sent for approval as per the business requirements. Testers should verify the calculations and the amount dues are precise which in turn will proceed with ordering the purchased products
  • Validations from QA end should be given more importance when the CPQ data are reflected in custom implementations
  • Bulk data testing becomes complex with CPQ features as it may involve update of calculation for many records at a time but as a QA we must make sure that all the updates align with the business requirement and do not have any negative impact
  • Historical data update verification should also make sure that no SQL / Governor / Apex Limit errors are thrown during the verification
  • Test Scenarios should be sorted out considering the business flow as well as the CPQ features; both positive and negatives test cases are to be covered and documented with proper conversions


To make Sales teams sell faster with accuracy,  we would always recommend CPQ paired with Salesforce which makes the business profitable. After implementation , the verification of the CPQ features are handled by testers .




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