Uploading Nintex Drawloop DocGen file with dynamic data to Files object

Do you want to upload dynamic documents when you have a change in record? Yes, we have an option using Nintex Drawloop Docgen installed package. 

Installation Step: 

App Launcher à Click on Visit App Exchange à search Nintex Drawloop DocGen à please install it in your Salesforce org and give permission accordingly (Only for Admin or All users). 

We have to follow three main steps to accomplish this functionality: 

1.Prepare a dynamic document and upload it to Nintex Drawloop DocGen 

2. Create a custom metadata to store the IDs (Docgen Package Id, Delivery option Id) 

3.Configure with Process builder and call a standard apex class from Nintex Drawloop DocGen 

  1. Preparing a dynamic document and uploading it to Nintex Drawloop DocGen 

Steps to Upload document: 

App launcher à Search DocGen Packages à Click New à please provide details (Here, I have used a custom object, so we have to choose Others in the starting object and choose your custom object name next to dropdown. 

In the next tab, we have Documents to upload. Click on upload files, choose the location and save it. 

Next, we are going to configure. 

2.Create a custom medata to store the IDs (Docgen Package Id, and Delivery option Id) 

Create two custom fields to Store the DDP Id (Newly created package Id), Delivery option Id (attachment created on the delivery tab) 

Next, click on Manage Records -> Click New àEnter the DDP Id and Delivery option Id. 

3.Configure with Process builder to call a standard apex class from Nintex Drawloop DocGen 

Select the required object, select the entry criteria and create an Immediate action. 

Please provide action name, Call the RunDocgen Package installed class. We are providing the DDP Id, Delivery option Id and Record Id. 

Click save and Activate the Process builder. 


Here, I am changing the status of my application record. The file will be automatically uploaded. 

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