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Validation of Outbound Messages in Salesforce

By: Radha

Outbound message is used to send a message to external web services or an application when the record is created or updated in the Salesforce. Outbound messages can be triggered by using Workflow, Approval process, and Entitlement process.

Outbound message using PutsReq: 

Here, I have taken the example scenarios for outbound messages from the workflow and took an external web services as PutsReq.

PutsReq allows to create a ‘Service Request’ and displays the request headers and body, and send Salesforce a successful acknowledgment.

Methods used in PutsReq: 

  1. Update: While clicking ‘Update’ button, the response builder gets updated and its ready for the requests.
  2. Fork: While clicking ‘Fork’ button, the new URL gets a copy from the existing URL

outbound messages salesforce

  1. Clear History: While clicking ‘Clear History’ button, the selected URL history gets cleared.

Before Clearing the history,

outbound messages salesforce

After clearing the history,

outbound messages salesforce

  • Destroy: While clicking ‘Destroy’ button, it will remove the entire URL and that URL no longer exists.

Configuration of Outbound messages in Salesforce using PutsReq:

Let’s see the steps in detail of configuring the outbound messages using PutsReq.

1.Use the URL as

2.Select ‘Create a PutsReq’.


3.Set up a SOAP Response.

In the response builder, SOAP response is added for a successful acknowledgement.

Usage of Response Builder: 

Response builder is used to get the successful acknowledgement. This will be the response back to the Salesforce that the message was received successfully and no need to retry the message from Salesforce.

4.Select ‘Update’

outbound messages salesforce

5.PutReq URL should be specified in the Endpoint URL in the outbound message.

outbound messages salesforce

Outbound message URL: 

Procedure to setup the workflow: 

Setup the workflow rule to create an outbound message.

Path for creating workflow: Setup->Create->Workflow and Approvals->Workflow rules.

outbound messages salesforce

Set up the criteria in workflow and add an action as ‘Outbound messages’.

Navigation Path for creating outbound message: Add Workflow Action->New Outbound Message.

Specify the endpoint URL in outbound messages and select the field values that are to be included in the outbound message and save it.

Make the workflow as Active.

outbound messages salesforce