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“Walk-me for Salesforce” is an app to assist end users as to how to complete a process in Salesforce when they are new to Salesforce or working on complex process in Salesforce CRM.

Using this app, we can create Walk-Thrus(Flows), Launchers, Resources, Smart Tips and Help Texts to demonstrate how to complete a process in Salesforce.

Walk-Thrus is a kind of flow which guides you to do a process step by step. Launcher is a kind of button that can be placed in Salesforce and can invoke other actions by clicking it. Resources can be a video or document which explains the process.

Installation & Configuration:

1.Use the following link to download Walk-me for Salesforce


2.While installing the app, don’t forget to add walk-me chrome extension; so            that we can make use of it on chrome.

  1. Create an account with basic information and log into Walk-me.

Screen Shots:

Download:walk-me for salesforceAdding Extension for Chrome:Walk-me for SalesforceCreate Account:Walk-me for SalesforceCreating Flows, Launchers, Resources:

Creating a Walk-Thru to show how to create an account in Salesforce:

1.Click on smart walk-thru and create it.Walk-me for Salesforce2.Select element option is used to select salesforce components to create a flow and the navigate option is used to move on to the next component to add it to the flow.Walk-me for Salesforce3.Following screen shots explain how to create steps to make a flow.4.When steps are created, we can see a flow diagram which shows the order of steps and their actions; once all the steps are created save it.5.We can deploy the created walk-Thrus to our Salesforce org. We need to choose the org environment and deploy.6.Once deployment is done, we can see a pop-up box at the bottom of Salesforce org.7.If we click on the pop-up box, it will show the list of walk-Thrus, launchers, resources etc. 8.If we want to make use of walk-me components in Visualforce page, we need to add JavaScript snippets to the VF page.Follow the same procedure to add launchers, resources, help text ,and smart tips.

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