Wave Dashboard on Lightning App Builder

If we want to access a Dashboard created from the Wave Analytics App in Lightning, then use Wave Dashboard Option on Lightning App Builder.


If we want to access a Dashboard created from the Wave Analytics App in Lightning, then use Wave Dashboard Option on Lightning App Builder.

Without writing any piece of code, we can build a new lightning app with the Wave Dashboard Component in Lightning.

It supports both Salesforce 1 and Lightning Experience. It supports all platforms to access the wave dashboard.

Step1: Dashboard in Wave Analytics 

  1. Create the following dashboard in a Wave Analytics app with help of the Dataset.
  2. After dashboard is created in Wave Analytics app, it will be available on the picklist value of the Dashboard Field in Lightning App Page.
lightning app builder

Step 2: Wave Dashboard in Lightning App Builder 

  1. Go to Setup and type the Lightning App Builder in Quick Find Box
  2. Click the New button and select any one of the following pages.
    1. App Page
    2. Home Page
    3. Record Page


Wave Dashboard is available for all the above pages.

Click on App Page => Next

lightning app builder

Select the layout for your app. You can select any layout as you want => Click on Next.

lightning app builder

Provide Name for your Lightning Page. This name will be displayed when you log into Salesforce1.It will automatically create a tab with this same name. Finally click on finish.

lightning app builder

Here is the Lightning app builder to customize our app with the component Wave Dashboard.

wave dashboard
wave dashboard

Wave Dashboard Properties: 

  1. All the Wave Analytics dashboard will be display under the Dashboard Field.
  2. Height must be a maximum of 612 Pixels. Otherwise an error is shown like this.
wave dashboard
  1. Filters is to apply the dashboard as JSON.
  2. We can share the dashboard only if Show sharing option is checked.
  3. Dashboard Title will be displayed, if the Show Title is checked.
  4. Open links in new window option is for opening the dashboard in a separate window.
  5. We can hide the run time error to the end users, only if Hide on Error is checked.
  6. After added the dashboard component in Lightning app builder, Click the Save button.

Once the Lighting app builder was built, click the Activation Button and it will redirect to the following page.

wave dashboard

After the Save button is clicked, this app will be available in Salesforce 1. We can also view the detail information about each status value when hover over the Dashboard specific region.

wave dashboard

Dashboard sharing option is also available in this app, but we can share only for the users or groups in Chatter.

wave dashboard

We can also download this dashboard as an Image.wave dashboard


  1. Instead of showing the information as text, we can show this data with visual representation. So, the end user can easily understand the details.
  2. Can display the wave analytics dashboard to the user. They can easily access the dashboard from their mobile if they installed the mobile browser app (Salesforce1).
  3. This lightning page also support the Lightning Experience.
  4. It supports responsiveness for the following device,
    1. Phone
    2. Tablet
    3. Desktop
  5. We Can view the dashboard with responsive for the above devices.
  6. No need to write code to display the wave Dashboard in Lightning page. Just drag and drop is enough.
  7. Reduce the time for developing an app by the Point and Click Feature.
  8. Can reuse the same dashboard to build any lightning app.


  1. Dashboard should be displayed based on the frame size (800*612).
  2. We can use only the dashboard created in Wave Analytics by using Lens.
  3. We can’t use the dashboard created in Salesforce by using Report.
  4. Instead of using point and click filter condition, we must use the below JSON for filter condition.
{datasetDeveloperName1:{field1:[value]},datasetDeveloperName1:{field1:[value1,value2],field2:["value3, with comma"]}}


Finally, we have added the wave dashboard created in the Wave Analytics app from the Analytics cloud in the Lightning App builder. After creating this app with some wave dashboard, we can use this in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 app.

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