Salesforce Industries (Vlocity)

Empowering businesses with industry specific, custom configurable solutions.

Vlocity’s advanced, industry specific solutions have now been embedded into Salesforce Industries and Salesforce OmniStudio (a suite of configuration tools and resources under Salesforce’s Einstein Automate), where its unique, pre-built data models, processes, and interface tools are allowing businesses to quickly and easily amplify, integrate, and unite data and operations across their entire enterprise.

Innovate, Implement, and Integrate seamlessly with MST Solutions on your side.

Salesforce Industries’ Cloud Platforms, and OmniStudio have created or enhanced current Salesforce offerings in the following industries
(and more)

Curious what ideas we can come up with for you?

How do we use Vlocity?

At MST Solutions, Vlocity is a tool – a supercharged one – that joins our toolbox of resources to ensure that YOUR digital transformation project is designed, developed, and implemented with great success.

Vlocity built a reputation around pre-built industry solutions that are easier to configure for IT teams and easier to manage for Administrators. It’s a perfect match with our commitment to leverage the technology to fit the organization instead of the other way around.

In partnership with us, we ensure that your Salesforce Industries platform honors that intention, allowing your IT team to stay on top of work requests, and maintain a user-friendly system that grows as you grow. Because it’s Salesforce, you can rely on resilience and a more future-proofed tech stack.

Your Roadmap to Results​

A proven methodology that gets you there.

It’s easy to provide personalized customer experience when you have the technology solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. Our Three D approach identifies pain points and builds solutions to eliminate them, increasing your productivity.

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