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From Legacy To Legendary

Arizona State Land Department’s Transformation to the Cloud

Tasked with managing a complex, 9.2 million acres large checkerboard of State Trust lands for its beneficiaries, The Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) determined to employ a cloud first technology strategy to improve Front End operations and eliminate its largely manual processes.


Collaborating Toward Success in the Manufacturing Sector

How Microchip Technology Implemented a Change Management Strategy for Digital Transformation that Achieved a 90% Adoption Rate


Futureproofing the Public Sector

How Cloud Technology is Giving Government the Ability to Work at the Speed of Business

The Industrial Commission of Arizona modernized their operations and customer experience through digital transformation. Now, they’re sharing how they did it.


Building the ARC

Using Innovation and Culture to Transform Call Center Operations

In this live webinar, our colleagues at Liveops – an Inc 5000 winning call center operation – will join us to share key details on how they used a Salesforce based platform to overhaul their agent system of record, greatly streamlining operations, gaining vital data for better decision making, and recapturing 6,000 work hours lost to manual tracking and processes.